Disgraced Apaches

This page exists as a focal point for our prayers and good vibes to go out to all those Apaches that have seen better days. May they some day rest peacefully in popup heaven, or perhaps be rebuilt or used in whole or at least for parts for a happy family Apache!  :]
Feel free to send your disgraced Apache photos  to doug@apachepopups.com. Please don't purposefully disgrace an Apache just to see its photo here... Thanks!!!

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Doug, I was at a variance meeting one night and low and behold this sat in the parking lot of the Dearborn Heights Police Department. I don't know much about the "Police Apache" but what a weird sight. It's disturbing to me because it looks kinda cool but then I want to ring the idiots neck for doing it to an Apache. I think I have serious issues now because of it....  Tim


This poor Apache was gutted and turned into a utility trailer - but it still looks like an Apache popup from the outside! I sure hope someone put the bed ends and side walls to good use...


These three (!) Apaches were turned into a touring train at a Yogi Bear campground! The link to these pictures was posted on the Apache Trailer Forum along with quite a few comments...


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